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Re: Begineers amp

3/4/2000 10:29 AM
Re: Begineers amp
Hi Michal,  
Just a couple of thoughts. Will you be practicing mainly on your own? Meaning, do you have friends who play that you'll want to jam with?  
Reason being is that if you're on your own, you might consider, getting a self contained multieffects unit with distortion, clean, several effects, but won't have the power amp or speaker. Not to worry, just plug into your stereo for some pretty good sounds and a variety of sounds to boot. Also you can use headphones, an important asset when you wish to practice late at night. Or maybe you just don't want the whole world hearing you until you get your chops down.  
Purchasing an amp that you will be happy with on a day to day basis is not all that easy. You're limited to one or two sound textures and could possibly become bored.  
Check out something like the Line6 POD, or one of several other units. A decent sized music store should handle at least a couple of varieties.  
Variety is the spice of life or so I've heard and all too often beginners get discouraged due to a lack of it IMHO.  
Hope this helps, take care and good luck, T.B.