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Re: Introducing sag into Si rectified PS

3/4/2000 4:24 AM
Steve A.
Re: Introducing sag into Si rectified PS
    Great point! I guess that the added resistor would have to be ahead of both the plates and the screens... How about wiring in the choke between the plates and the screens (with them all being after the resistor)?  
    I do like the idea of adding parallel branches to a power supply instead of having them proceed in a straight line.  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. BTW the Mesa Boogie Maverick has an interesting SS/Tube rectifier switch. The PI and preamp stages are always connected to the SS supply, and the output tubes are always hooked up to the tube rectifier. When you switch over to the SS rectifier, the output tubes are then connected to the B+ from the SS supply (the higher voltage evidently overrides the lower voltage from the tube recto).

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