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Re: Can of Worms . . .

3/3/2000 10:50 PM
Re: Can of Worms . . .
I was probably a bit hazy, and now I'm sure it's gonna get worse. Lets assume everything else is solid, good copper wiring, good quality components. Okay, would the difference add up if I were to redo all the solder joints on a twin reverb with silver solder? That's a lot of solder, but would it make a difference that I could hear? I imagine the differences are going to be marginal to 99.99% of ears in a simple circuit like a Champ. The twin has enough joints I'd think the benefits might add up. Of course, I'm assuming a significant difference in the conductivity of different types of solder. Is there any? I don't have anything suitable to try the twin experiment on and don't have any conductivity stats around to speculate with. I guess I'm really just asking is there a point at which it makes a difference, and where does the point of diminishing returns seem to be?  

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