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Can of Worms . . .

3/3/2000 9:18 PM
Can of Worms . . .
Okay, I don't want to start a new holy war or anything, but the debate about silver wire got me wondering: if the chain is as strong as the weakest link, should I use solder with a fair amount of silver in it instead of the garden variety tin ones?  
I think silver wire doesn't have enough return for the expense compared to copper, but how does the solder effect things? How does conductivity compare between solders? Would I be able to notice a difference in otherwise absolutely identical amps (a hypothetical, I know, but humor me) if one had plain old stuff and the other had a silver solder? Does it make enough difference to justify the cost? And the other question: how will the solder joints hold up with age, as silver does tend to tarnish fairly quickly?  
(And everyone be nice . . .)  

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