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Re: Introducing sag into Si rectified PS

3/3/2000 9:15 AM
Steve A.
Re: Introducing sag into Si rectified PS
    So you added the 50 watt power resistor on the high voltage B+ and not on the PT CT? And it has worked well? If you get a chance to measure the voltages again maybe you can see how much that they drop when you crank up the amp and hit a power chord.  
    "Conventional wisdom" tells us that a resistor in series with the B+ to the output tube plates would cause the sound to be a bit mushy as an increase in the load would cause a higher voltage drop- right? While with a power zener in the PT CT the voltage drop would be relatively constant under different loads.  
    Then again, maybe the "mushiness" on the power tubes and *not* on the preamp tubes can be a desirable feature! If we all followed "conventional wisdom", then we'd all still be back in the stone age- right?  
    Thanks for your post! (It just occurred to me that may be a good way to reduce B+ to EL84's in an amp designed for 6L6's... although I still need to know about matching the impedances for the OT.)  
Steve Ahola

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