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Needed: Blackface Pro Reverb Power Transformer

3/2/2000 1:10 PM
Lew Collins
Needed: Blackface Pro Reverb Power Transformer
Hi guys, These amps seem to keep coming my way! I just got a great deal on a beauty of a blackface Pro Reverb. However, the power tranny's been replaced with a new one. It sounds great but I'd like to find an older Fender unit just to keep the amp original. I have cash or some cool old Jensen and Celestion speakers to trade. Would a blackface Bassman tranny work? The Bassman uses a solid state rectifier and the Pro uses a rectifier tube, so maybe not. Maybe a Bandmaster Reverb power tranny? Actually, I would even consider using a smaller power tranny to get more of a Vibrolux Reverb tone. Any suggestions? Thanks, Lew

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