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Re: Traynor Bassmaster: mod to Plexi?

2/25/2000 10:43 PM
Re: Traynor Bassmaster: mod to Plexi?
Did you remove the chassis yet? If not, try removing it and look under the top of the cab and see if there is a metal plate there that's stapled in. Try to remove it and you may find a schematic glued to it. If no luck, then I can send you a copy of mine. There are three versions of the YBA-1 as far as I know. Two are on the Traynor site and the one I have is not. I emailed Trace a copy and got a nice reply back how to do a plexi mod. Haven't done it yet Trace, as I was still experimenting with some other ideas, but will one day soon. I've had a blast tweaking that amp, it's sooo easy to work on. Great learning platform. Time is limited and I'm working on a couple of other things, amps, at the same time.  
Mine has a cathode follower and EL34 tubes. What tube configuration do you have? Also, if you're not secure about working on amps and the potential dangers, then I would not suggest you delve into it. Try to obtain the necessary info and have a trained tech do it for you.  
Good luck, T.B.

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