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Re: Two Fenders

2/25/2000 7:01 PM
Carl B.Re: Two Fenders
Hey Daniel.  
I think no one has replied, because it's such a big "well, that depends" type of question.  
I'll take a swipe at it. That usually gets a few more guys to comment, at the very least {g}.  
Go for the Bandmaster. That amp is going to be able to last *another thirty-three years with relatively few problems, whereas the printed circuit board Deluxe thing ... well it *may* just last without problems.  
And the tone on the oldie is probably going to be better too. I've heard my share of the new economical, tube, Fender stock, and it's well, ehm, er, hmmm ... "ok." (Ever hear of "Damning through faint praise?")  
You're not the big tube-amp repair/build jockey however, so there's another issue: Those caps, and the tubes on that oldie. Spend a few bucks, have a competant guy go over the thing for you, and then be happy. The next thirty-three years will be problem free, with just scheduled tube-changes here and there.  
My thoughts, of course. Others may well opine differently {g}.  
- Carl B.

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