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previous: pHiLtHy LWH / Xplora / Mesa Man, -- 2/23/2000 5:23 PM View Thread

Re: Mesa 50/50 modification

2/24/2000 3:52 AM
Re: Mesa 50/50 modification
When I had one of these and needed to use it in mono, they told me to do the same with the input jack, but to also turn the volume all the way down and the precense all the way up. I eventually sold the unit and got a Marshall 9100 (50/50, 6L6) which is oddly made MUCH better than the Mesa 50/50. Of cource since this was a well made product, Marshall discontinued it. That's my $0.02 :)  
Oh yeh, I think there's something on the Mesa site that tells you about running their power amps in mono, I could be wrong though, but worth checking out.

Don Symes They've got a lot of their manuals ... -- 2/25/2000 1:09 AM