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Homebrew Amps From Scratch -- What Chassis?

2/23/2000 12:22 AM
JaySGHomebrew Amps From Scratch -- What Chassis?
What have you used for a chassis, on from-scratch  
I've used a Bedrock Royale Reverb chassis from Hoffman.  
It worked fairly well, but I don't like the tweed layout.  
I'd like to do a KT66 JTM45 next, but WeberVST's  
plexi-like chassis isn't ready yet. I'd also like to  
repackage my tweed deluxe knockoff(5 octals) in a non-tweed  
chassis. (It's in a PA chassis -- that's not the answer  
I'm looking for.)  
FWIW, the Bedrock's exposed metal rusted very quickly.  
I had to use Rust Mort to clear that up. (Available at  
automotive paint stores everywhere).

Aaron V. I used the steel chasis from Hammon... -- 2/23/2000 1:00 AM
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