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Re: Midi or USB?

2/21/2000 5:42 PM
EthRe: Midi or USB?
I would say that, if you do the work, you might as well do it in MIDI. Many possibilities have opened up to me besides the obvious simultaneous switching of amp preset with effect. For instance, Jamming with sequencers ( Am I a nerd?). Also the one that I have sworn to secrecy, a variation og the seek Wha, is an attack triggered MIDI message sequencer- A cycle of patches for each note! Lots of stuff I hadn't thought of while building my guitar amplifier. I am not familiar with USB though! Could you do MIDI routines with it? Also I used a PIC and am interested in creating downloadable programs (like form the basic stamp) for modifying my guitar amplifier from a computer ( the control pannel is completely inhabitted).