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Re: Original 5F6-A

2/14/2000 12:57 AM
dave rutherford
Re: Original 5F6-A
Bob, David Allen sells a general replacement PT from his website that has a HV secondary of 325-0-325, which is dead on with the original 5F6A voltages. Its priced well and he says it fits the 5F6A chassis opening and mounting holes. I got one for the DIY bassman project that I'm putting together now. Victoria and Mojo put out good replacement tweed bassman OTs.  
I think the standard anti-flatulence mods are to lower the coupling caps to the power tubes, from 0.1uf to say 0.047, 0.033 or 0.022; and also to lower the 220K bias mix resistors to 100K. There might something else, but I;m not sure.  
Dave Rutherford