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Re: What's the single ended deal, anyway?

2/11/2000 7:43 PM
Re: What's the single ended deal, anyway?
I'm not sure about this reduced dynamic range notion attached to SE designs. Probably the fault of the old Fender Champs, which have some of the dinkiest output iron on the planet. PP and class AB biasing are supposed to reduce sensitivity, at least according to the Radiotron Designer's Handbook.  
You say you want/need 20 watts? I think you can get 15 watts or so with a 6550, maybe more with a real KT-88 (that is, not Sovtek) or a KT-90. The other option is to parallel output tubes in SE. Check out the Super 6V6 project at for an example of this.  
The other thing to consider is whether you really need the watts. I'd suggest an efficient speaker to get the most out of the power. You don't need an EV or modern Celestion to take the power, so a speaker with a lower wattage rating, which will generally be more efficient, will give good results in this application. In GP's alnico speaker shootout, the Celestion Blue, with one of the lowest wattage ratings, was found to be the loudest speaker. All the hifi folks using SE 300B's use incredibly efficent speakers so about 9 watts (?) a side is plenty to fill the room. Most of us have no notion of how much power we really need because most speakers act like wet towels for our sound.  

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