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previous: Jimmy Page Single ended amps have restricted d... -- 2/11/2000 3:21 AM View Thread

Re: What's the single ended deal, anyway?

2/11/2000 6:12 PM
Re: What's the single ended deal, anyway?
Jimmy and Ken, thanks for the replies. I did know that the SE amps are a lower wattage thing. Ken, can you tell me where costs start becoming prohibitive? Can you get to 15-20 watts before it gets rediculous? You lost me with the "MI" reference. Jimmy, when you say they don't have as much dynamic range, I'm assuming that a well designed PP amp will have more than an equally powered SE amp. Is that correct? I would like to start an SE project soon. I'm hoping for it to get close to 20 watts. Thanks again.  

jp I'm not sure about this reduced dyn... -- 2/11/2000 7:43 PM