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Re: Doin it the hard way

2/10/2000 3:05 AM
Steve A.
Re: Doin it the hard way
Wild Bill:  
It really looks professional.  
    Speaking of professional (or the lack thereof) did anybody else try the Craig Anderton contact paper sandwich approach? Had a very "lo-fi" appearance which I guess was okay for ss fx boxes but totally inappropriate for a tube amp...  
    Skipping the contact paper and just using the dry transfers as you described worked about 1000x better- only I'd get really hung up trying to get the spacing "just right"... Gotta order me a roll of that stuff (now that you mention it, I believe that it was listed in the book that came with my labeller- and I just thought "How quaint- aren't all of the graphics artists and draftsmen using computers these days?")  
Steve Ahola

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