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Re: metal film resistors over carbon comp ?

2/8/2000 10:18 PM
DozerRe: metal film resistors over carbon comp ?
Metal films are labelled as "bright" while carbon comps are called "mellow" by those who should know better.  
IF there is a difference I've not noticed it in over 25 years of fooling with audio circuits.  
I currently and for many years now use Metal films exclusively in all my projects, however I do spend a few extra cents on my parts so perhaps quality of construction is the biggest factor. Also carbon comps are hard to find as few manufacturers bother to build then any more. I do know that there are some very good Allen Bradley carbon comp resistors available .. but at $5 to $10 each .. I'm not going to experiment.  
I use Holco resitors from Sonic Frontiers (there is a web page) which are .25% accurate and less than 10 cents each.  
Try some for yourself.  

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