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Re: Marshall tube amp

2/7/2000 2:36 AM
Jimmy PageRe: Marshall tube amp
Changing to 6550's will not increase output if you use the stock power transformer in the circuit as I assume you will. The 6550 will however give you longer life since it has a higher plate dissipation rating than the 6ca7. You will have to rebias slightly however.  
Sound will also be different. The 6550 will sound tighter and will not distort as quick as the 6ca7. When it does, however, it sounds like a mother. The overdriven 6550 sound was the death metal sound you heard by so many late eighties bands like Anthrax. It's like overdriving a 6ca7 but adding a second set of gonads to the process.  
Your pal,  

anonymuss Jimmy - I liked your work with Led ... -- 2/7/2000 3:52 AM