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How to tell if OP transformer is bad?

2/2/2000 5:49 AM
Bill J
How to tell if OP transformer is bad?
I have an old tweed super which I aquired recently.  
It's been sadly neglected over the years and doesn't sound very good.  
Problem being, it is very distorted, even at low volume. Still plenty loud but it didn't always sound like this. Only after replacing the speakers did it start to go off the deep end. EVH would love it but not me...  
It has had near every cap in it replaced now and all tubes and speakers.  
All I can think of is the out transformer is checking out.  
Does this sould like a typical exit for one?  
A friend has suggested waxing it like dunking a pickup as it may restore the insulator? Someone else thought that injecting it with Crazy glue was another possible cure?  
If it's toast, who makes a suitable replacement?  
Bill J  

R.G. The 2/2/2000 2:48 PM