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Re: BF Bassman?

1/31/2000 3:08 AM
DozerRe: BF Bassman?
It should have a re-cap (if it dosen't already have one, also the resistors prbably have drifted significantly if still the originals.. replacing them with 1%, 2 watt metal films is a good thing (ignore the suggestions to use carbon comp resitors unless you are willing to pay lots of $ for good quality carbons, the metal films are the best choice)  
Having done this the amp is very nice on the normal channel, although overdrive only occurs after 8/9 on the volume .. way too loud for serious use. A new set of Weber P12Q speakers will also sweeten up the sound nicely, as the originals were kinda lame to begin with. The best sound from the amp is with NOS tubes.. new ones are poor substitutes.  
G'luck mate.

Max anybody else like theses? -- 2/1/2000 9:37 PM