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Re: What does a Mesa Mk I sound like?

1/24/2000 8:32 PM
Re: What does a Mesa Mk I sound like?
Carlos Santana's tone has revolved around the MK I for years. The current material w/ the various flavor of the month singers sounds pretty much like MK I, with a bit of twin here or there. It's not quite as fluid a sound as Duanes' and not quite the same crunchiness as Billy Gibbons' tone, IMO. Also, that much gain and power in a combo design is a recipe for feedback and isolation problems. If you're gonna do a MK I copy, do yourself a favor and build it as a head. It's a bit much power to use expecting any level of output tube distortion. Unless you want to pump lots of air, you're gonna have to be happy with that preamp.  
For high gain and Allman Brothers, the only thing springing to mind is the SLO, but that's Warren Haynes' and Dickie's sound, not really Duanne's. Duane's Filmore sound was (50 watt?) plexi Marshall into greenback loaded 412's. If you're interested in that sort of tone at lower volumes, the old Marshall tube 20 watt heads in lead, bass, or PA flavors might be of interest. I think they're all in Pittman's book.  
Old ZZ Top is supposed to be all about Fender Deluxe, I think tweed. The tweed deluxe isn't all that far from an old Marshall in terms of gain stages and tone stack. Come to think of it, I would imagine the twenty watt marshall heads are based on the deluxe.  
Hope this helps  

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