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Adding Reverb to O'Conner Preamp

1/23/2000 3:05 PM
patrickAdding Reverb to O'Conner Preamp
I'm building O'conner's 2 channnel preamp in a small rackmount enclosure. I want to add reverb and have decided to use something similar to the Fender stand alone reverb, using at 6AQ5 to drive it because of size and because I have lots of them. I'm just not sure where to place it. I thought the easiest way would be to tap off the output because I should be able to drive the 6AQ5 straight out of the preamp, and then would need only 1 additional tube for a recovery amp. Any problems/recommendations on this? My other question is, Because of space, the tubes will be lying horizontally, so I want to put the 6AQ5 in a socket w/shield to keep it in place. Will the shield prevent the 6AQ5 from disappating heat properly?

JaySG Ask Kevin. He usually answers email... -- 1/31/2000 1:35 AM