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Re: Best sites to learn to build amps and effects?

1/11/2000 11:24 PM
dave rutherford
Re: Best sites to learn to build amps and effects?
Ampage is the best site I know of, but you have to read tons of posts and sort of put it all together. I'd suggest ordering some reference books. Start with some old tube ref. manuals or electronics reference books from the 1960s or earlier. 'Antiques Electronics' offers many tube amp related books for sale...  
I'd recommend Gerald Weber's 'Desk Reference to Hip Tube Amps' , just because it has tons of old fender (and other) schematics and layout diagrams. There's also a good section written by Ken Fischer in the middle. Just don't get stuck on every opinion in that book about vintage amp and parts mojo. Many people recommend Dave Funk's book, although I haven't read it.