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Re: Line in on S/F Twin

1/10/2000 11:33 PM
Jim S.
Re: Line in on S/F Twin
If the speakers are crappy and are coloring your tone ina way you don't like, that particular situation is not going to change if you use an outboard preamp!  
In general, I would say that blackface Fenders, fitted with good-sounding speakers, sound anything but "nasty" with humbucker-equipped guitars at low to medium volumes. If anything, that Fendery scooped midrange and thin brightness often can sweeten up the sound of, say, a Les Paul or 335.  
My suggestion is to see if the "nastiness" disappears when you plug into an external speaker cabinet containing know good-quality speakers. Also, try substituting some preamp tubes -- some NOS tubes, as expensive as they are, can be real dogs, right out of the box.

James I don't think it's the speakers tha... -- 1/11/2000 9:17 AM