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Re: best 12ax7's , new or old stock, used mullards

1/5/2000 3:14 PM
Lew Collins
Re: best 12ax7's , new or old stock, used mullards
I agree...I like the old RCA's alot...they seem bigger and brighter to me than GE's, which are also a favorite of mine. I also like old Tung Sol's if they're fresh. Don't like any Phillips 12ax7. Mullards sound great in an old Marshall...they seem to thicken up the tone and eliminate the glassy, ear-piercing brightness some Marshalls have. In a Fender, the Mullards seem a little dark sounding tho and seem to have less high end to my ears. I haven't heard ANY new 12ax7 that I love...tho the Ruby 12ax7/7025str that was discontinued last year was my favorite. Lew  

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