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Re:anyone has built a spitfire?

12/16/1999 10:11 PM
dave rutherford
Re:anyone has built a spitfire?
I know hammond offers a line of 'universal primary' PT' for eurpoean voltages, but i don;t know if it includes the 272. Try there web site and look up their line of Universal Primary PTs.  
The resistor values are all in ohms. The first 12ax7 is connected in parallel. For a choke, try any replacement choke for an amp of similar power rating or design, like fender deluxe or vox. AC15 (do they have a choke? i don;t know..)  
I wouldn't have the PS filtering so high, you might lose a lot of warmth in the tone. I used LCR 32ufx32uf and 16x16uf cans in mine, mounting them inside the chassis on the sidewall.  
Best of luck to you with your project.  
Dave Rutherford