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I want to build an amp with EL 84,need advice

12/15/1999 1:57 AM
I want to build an amp with EL 84,need advice
Hi everybody.  
I wrecked an old revox E36;And i have the transformers the sockets,the valves,the chassis.  
Then i want to build an EL 84 amp.  
The output transformer is about7500 omhs,which should be ok.  
But i don't know what to build.I was looking at the AC 15  
but i'm not too keen on the ef 80 pre.  
I thought also about the fender 6V6 ones,(converted to EL84),like the super or deluxe.  
The thing is that would like a lot of power amp distortion,well enough to have good compression.  
should i use a Loyez or Paraphase,dephaser?  
I'd like to have the Santana sound at low volume.  
And a good sweet blues sound.  
Any idea?  
Any kind of advice or help is welcome.  

dave rutherford What about the matchless spitfire? ... -- 12/15/1999 2:54 AM
Les go check out the AX84 site:... -- 12/15/1999 3:29 AM
Lee Me too, what power tranny? -- 12/15/1999 12:16 PM