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Re: Ceramic or Mica pf caps in old Marshalls?

11/28/1999 2:19 PM
Lew Collins
Re: Ceramic or Mica pf caps in old Marshalls?
I agree. I prefer silver mica for the treble cap in almost any amp - especially one based on the '59 Bassman circuit, as everything from the JTM-45 through the model 1959 are. Every original tweed Bassman I've ever seen has a SILVER MICA treble cap. It's part of the sound of those amps! To my ears, a silver mica treble cap sounds bouncey and bubblely - not hard and harsh. I guess you could over do it, but generally, I prefer silver mica. My amps have a warm, round sound with an articulate, lively top end - likle a tweed Bassman. Lew