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Reverb success

11/24/1999 2:14 AM
Mike B
Reverb success
I finally got around to adding reverb to one of my Spitfire clones. I used the standard Fender tank and transformer, drove the tank with a 12AT7, and used half a 12AX7 for recovery. I mixed the reverb signal back in at the unused phase inverter input. Sounds pretty good, I must say...  
Of course I can't resist the temptation to 'improve' the circuit. I played around and reduced the circuit to one 12AT7 - half for reverb drive and the other half for recovery. The drive half is running at about 1W dissipation so I'm no where near the 2.5W max for the AT7. It still sounds good to my ears... Anyone else fooled around with minimalist reverbs?  
Mike B

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