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11/18/1999 5:36 PM
J Epstein
Ken, 2A3's are like the nectar of the gods : no tort lawyer would be aesthetically sophisticated enough to appreciate 'em.  
Well, if you notice I posted on the Joenet, that I've been torturing the new Sovteks a little bit, and with pretty good results. I had a sweet listening session last night, the new tubes are very transparent without crossing the line into yucky "hi-fi" clinical sound. I am planning on heating them up even a little more (the Sovtek engineer, jc morrison, says 22W dissipation should be OK, I'm up to 19.1 right now) before I am through - the trannies I am using are rated for 90 mA, which looks like plenty. I guess I've got almost enopugh power to light the heaters in your guitar amp now?  

John Stokes This sounds like good data. My con... -- 11/18/1999 7:47 PM