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Re: Dual Single Ended Amps

11/15/1999 10:07 PM
Dave Rutherford
Re: Dual Single Ended Amps
OK, please bear with me and my feeble electronic prowess...but what would you consider adequate filtering? What I have in mind is a pair of SE'd amps, different circuits but same approx. power output. Either 6L6, EL34 or one of each.  
Also, would it also help to put in series resistance (say 5K) going to each OT, in addition to the adequate filtering, to help minimize interference between the two channels? (as shown in my crude, simplified figure)  
| 5K-------OT-----Tube  
| /  
PowerS ---------- |-----------  
Filter 5K------OT-----Tube  
Dave Rutherford  

Dave H. Is that 5k between the power supply... -- 11/16/1999 12:00 PM