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Re: bias/rectifier observations/questions

10/18/1999 12:54 PM
Stephen Conner
Re: bias/rectifier observations/questions
Hi Fred,  
This is just my own personal opinion.  
The effect of rectifiers on tone is quite subtle and complex. It's mainly due to how much the rectifier allows the HT to 'sag' when you pull current. This sagging decreases the gain of the amplifier.  
Solid state rectifiers sag least and many people think they give a tight, dynamic tone especially in the bass.  
Tube rectifiers sag more and you get a somewhat mushier and less ballsy effect (although the GZ34/5AR4 tube performs almost like solid-state diodes) However, it's nothing drastic.  
There is another subtler effect, tube rectifier amp designs usually have a smaller filter capacitor which allows more ripple into the amp.  
I like solid-state rectifiers because they don't need replaced.  

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