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Re: Chassis Fabrication Tool

10/12/1999 1:03 PM
J Epstein
Re: Chassis Fabrication Tool
I'm a "limited-production" shop here, maybe three pieces a year. (Accelerating fast, though!) If I can bend a box out of the sheet brass I like to use (door kick plates from Home Depot, maybe .0625 thick?) I'll be happy. If I can find some heavy copper sheet I'll probably try that too.  
Ken, the sucker is built strong enough to my eyes, welded from steel angle iron and finished, well, OK. The clamp bar (with its beveled edge) indeed looks like the weak spot, I am sure Bruce's advice on backing it up is on the money.  
The instructions explain the necessity of cutting slots (fingers) into the clamp bar for the purpose of making boxes, I assume I'll be doing that.