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Re: 50 uF Solen Cap in Power supply

10/5/1999 7:08 PM
J Epstein
Re: 50 uF Solen Cap in Power supply
"I was wondering if you could use a 50 uf 630V cap Solen fast cap in place of the electolytic cap."
Surely could.  
"Anyone try this?"
Yes, there is a thread on here somewhere about doing this. I've tried it in in a hifi power amp. Not sure I could tell a difference, but it was not a low-parts-count, single-ended 0-NFB circuit where every change jumps out at you.  
"What effect if any would it have on the sound??"
It would change the performance of the power supply with respect to distortion in the higher frequencies, also these caps would have low ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) - it might be something you could hear easily, it might be pretty subtle, depending on the circuit you tried it in. Only one way to find out!  
"Any reason not to???"
They are **much** bigger (much fatter, and a bit longer also) than an equivalent electrolytic. Then again, their 630V max rating is pretty studly!  

J Epstein q{Yes, there is a thread on here so... -- 10/5/1999 7:12 PM
Ken Gilbert q{Any reason not to???<... -- 10/5/1999 9:08 PM