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Re: Marshall Mods / Trace Allen / etc

9/29/1999 2:53 PM
Re: Marshall Mods / Trace Allen / etc
Trace, Yeah I have that mod(diode) in my amp right now, cause of you previous post! I dig it mon! I had seen cathodes biased like this in some single ended power amps, but never really thaught about the benefits of it.  
Besides eliminating feedback and maximizing nonlinearity, which a bypass capacitor does, a Diode would cause no time constant. It does sound different than a capacitor though, definitely-I think. I haven't tried putting a cap accross the diode or putting one in reverse though. I tend to hear with my eyes a little bit, and I can't think of any effect that it would cause! ?-Eth

Trace q{Trace, Yeah I have that mod(diode... -- 9/29/1999 4:44 PM