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Re: Solen caps in guitar power supply.

9/20/1999 3:08 PM
J Epstein
Re: Solen caps in guitar power supply.
Note that Angela has their own "line" of Angela Fast Caps caps which are apparently the Solens relabeled and cheaper.  
Note also that these caps are physically larger than similar-value electro's, so the Solen's might be better for a new project than for a retrofit situation.  
I've liked their sound (the Angelas) for a coupling cap, in a hifi application, also I have used them (real Solens) as PS filter caps and they certainly work quite well, you just have to shoe horn them in sometimes.  
Amen about the 630V rating.  
I wonder if putting them "under the hood" to replace a can-cap might cause them to suffer from the greater heat inside there?  

Ed Tantulum res? -- 9/21/1999 3:41 PM