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Re: Some quick Marshall Mods...

9/20/1999 12:06 PM
Re: Some quick Marshall Mods...
Lowering the grid resistance has never been a problem that I'm aware of... the stock value is actually a little high (220K), and lowering it is generally considered a good thing both functionally and tonally. (in a Marshall) MOF many heads came from the factory with 100K or 82K in that spot. I run my own personal amp with 100K's there. You're thinking of people raisng tha value there I think, in which case you're corredct that you should not go up, unless you move to cathode bias.

Steve A. Speed:  &... -- 9/22/1999 3:25 AM
Trace q{Lowering the grid resistance has ... -- 9/22/1999 1:47 PM