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Re: noise pickup on gigs

9/20/1999 4:40 AM
anonymousRe: noise pickup on gigs
"I've built a Dumble OD-50...Dynaco Mk-3 PT,a Marshall 50 W OT...built into a Fender Champ cabinet...squeek in a reverb too..(is this sick enough?."
A. Your PSYCHO  
B. You seriously need help  
C. Answers A + B  
D. Your a much better man than I  
"even have DC filaments on the input tubes"
The answer is C and D. I'd love to see pictures of this little monster. Boy, what some people won't do for attention.  
my amps suck NOW  

BWilliamson Oopps--lost my cookie. that's what... -- 9/20/1999 4:48 AM
Andy Fuchs Pictures soon. Thanks. It's not as ... -- 9/20/1999 12:02 PM