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noise pickup on gigs

9/20/1999 1:20 AM
Andy Fuchs
noise pickup on gigs
I've built a Dumble OD-50 based on Steve Aholas website schematic. It uses a Dynaco Mk-3 power transformer,a Marshall 50 W output trans and (this is the kicker) is built into a Fender Champ cabinet with a Jensen P10 reissue. I managed to squeek in a reverb too (is this sick enough ?).  
ANyway, at home (and on some gigs) it sounds awesome, but on some gigs the noise pickup is unbearable ! I'm using a computer style AC IEC socket with built-in filtering and a three prong cord. The top of the cabinet is covered in copper tape, which is tied to the chassis ground. Do I need a ground lift or polarity switch ? In my home it's silent. I even have DC filaments on the input tubes. Thoughts ?  

M/J I would try the polarity switch. -- 9/20/1999 3:57 AM
q{I've built a Dumble OD-50...Dynac... -- 9/20/1999 4:40 AM
Ted Matsumura OK, this sounds wild. Are there an... -- 9/20/1999 5:39 AM
Steve A. Andy:  &n... -- 9/21/1999 1:40 AM
Doc Ever see those adapter plug looking... -- 9/21/1999 3:05 PM