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Re: Solen caps in guitar power supply.

9/18/1999 1:18 PM
Re: Solen caps in guitar power supply.
Yeah, I've done that. I doubt, given all the other variables in an amp, if the average ears could hear much of a difference with an electrolytic-free power supply, but if money is no object, Solens are a good choice.  
(ie. 5 big Solens might cost as much as a nice Weber 10" speaker, and I'd rather have the Weber)  
Heck, what are they lately, about 10 bucks for 47uf?  
But I DO like the 630 volt rating, so I would consider using them instead of the usual series connected 350 volt caps where > 450 volts are expected. I suspect they would last longer too, although modern electros are pretty good.  
FWIW, I usually use a 22uf Solen followed by a choke, followed by a bunch of Nichicon electros in a typical power supply.  
They are also really good alternatives to electro cathode bypass caps, at least in the 1 to 5uf range. (the bigger ones are, well, too big to hang off a cathode)  
They are excellent for upgrading speaker crossovers too! I made a pair of old Rat-Shack three ways come alive with 'em.  
Well, that's my 2 cents (Canadian) on the Solens...  
... Whit  

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