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previous: J Fletcher So was the original filter cap bad?... -- 9/9/1999 6:25 PM View Thread

Re: Bass pot causes major prob - no More!

9/11/1999 6:25 AM
Re: Bass pot causes major prob - no More!
original filter cap was fine- i installed an additional  
22/450 cap hanging off the rail feeding the 2 100K  
plate resistors on the vib. ch. preamp tube. I dunno  
about why I needed a 'extra' cap. I have a couple of  
Kevin O'Cconner books and he recommends and design with a 22/450 de-coupling cap on EVERY single plate. I do not  
really understand this whole power supply business with  
respect to caps. Like some Fender Tweeds used 8 uf caps,  
then onto 16's, BF mostly 20uf et all. I have a Mesa  
SOB and it uses 2 200uf and 2 300uf ..... is there any  
good reading on this with a focus on guitar amps?  

J Fletcher check the decoupling resistor -- 9/13/1999 3:08 PM
J Epstein Re: Bass pot causes major prob - no More! -- 9/17/1999 7:31 PM