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Re: fold back reverbs

9/10/1999 9:38 PM
Re: fold back reverbs
I worked on a Bassman that a guy had added reverb tp. He stuck in a large value wirewound power resistor in series with the ext. spkr. jack and fed the tank (normal Accutronics / Gibbs / Hammond type) with that. I think it may have been a 50ohm resistor... The output of the tank was connected to the "Bass" channel. Fed back at voumes above 6, but sounded pretty good up to there.  
Seems like it'd be REAL easy to whip up a circuit that used a TL072 or something to drive and recover the reverb signal, then mix that in with the amp's signal via a couple of resistors. HR Deluxe, anyone? (Or Blues Jr....)