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Re: Some quick Marshall Mods...

9/4/1999 2:54 PM
Re: Some quick Marshall Mods...
"Also, for mod #4, it sounds like you're referring to the bias feed resistors, right? I've never heard of going lower than 100K for these. Would 82K really sound much different than 100K?"
It's the resistors that are connected to the .022 caps that are coming off from the plates of teh phase inverter and also go to the powertubes.  
"Some marshalls have 68K in this position. I think model 1966 and 1978. Maybe more.  
To be honest I've never tried the 68K's. I like the 82K's and I hear a slight difference between the 100K's but it's all subjective and it truly depends on what someone want's to hear tone wise.  

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