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9/2/1999 1:05 AM
OK Guys, I just tried something else that all of you all have talked about. That is the installing of 1000 ohm screen resistors in place of the 470's that were in there. This is supposed to prolong tube life but it did something else that I don't understand and was hoping that one of the gurus would be able to explain. 1) Just how does this mod prolong tube life? 2) Why did it drop my plate voltage from 422 to 414v and it also dropped my bias from 26.5ma to 25.3ma? Now I am right according to spec on the schematic and the amp sounds better than ever. 3) Why didn't Leo put 1000's in there to start with? 4) Is there any particular wattage ratting that you recommend? I put the 1 watters in there. Thanks again guys.  

SpeedRacer I use 5W for the 1K screen resistor... -- 9/2/1999 1:37 AM
Bruce Why did the plate voltage drop?... -- 9/2/1999 2:09 AM