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Re: Some quick Marshall Mods...

8/30/1999 11:58 PM
Re: Some quick Marshall Mods...
I have a Traynor YBA-1 Bassmaster that had a 68K resistor and in my efforts to "Marshallize" the amp I changed it to a 220K. It is my understanding that increasing this resistor value will increase output. Also, I've read others advising to lower the value from 220K to 100k and that would add to the tube's life. BUT, how does either affect tone, etc.  
Also, I understand that some people have added a post PI master volume using a dual pot rated at 100k. And I've heard negatives about making the resistors in question the variable type. I'm all ears for someone to clarify this all up. I don't believe there is much current drawn through these resistors to begin with so am not certain as to the effects on bias. Have not experimented and documented it yet.  
Would reducing the resistor value also allow for bass roll-off? And, what about output? I'd also be interested in hearing more on the 250pf mentioned in item #3.  
Take care, T.B.  

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