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Re: Coax cable for Fender dual foot switch

8/30/1999 10:41 PM
Re: Coax cable for Fender dual foot switch
thanks for the info, i agree that I could probably rig up a workable solution with alternative materials. However, in addition to making a new footswitch I also have a vintage one that no doubt will need a new cable someday soon. It's a dual switch that goes with my BFSR and unlike any other that I've seen this one is painted black over metal.. has the same rev / vib decals that one typically sees on these switches but I've never seen a black one.  
some of the paint is chipped off but I have to believe that it came this way from the factory judging from the aged look of the decals and cable.  
the cable still works ok but is pretty stiff and crusty looking. maybe angela instruments or someplace like that might have something of this sort laying around... I thought I would try here first.  

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