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Re: twin reverb,SF to BF

8/29/1999 7:50 PM
Steve A.
Re: twin reverb,SF to BF
    You might want to dig up the actual schematic and layout drawings for your amp along with those for the BF model you want to convert it to, just to double-check the instructions in the Weber book. (Try the FFG site: the Fender Field Guide)  
    You can use a regular stereo audio cable to test out the reverb until you get around to ordering the real thing. If still original stock, you should replace all of the power supply filter caps under the can for starters. After then BF-ing the amp and setting the bias, see how it sounds. You'll probably want to replace all of the coupling caps and e-caps on the eyelet board eventually. (I'm crazy about the Sprague Type 418P Orange Drop caps stocked at Torres Engineering, but other people have gotten good results from other high quality 630v coupling and tone caps. Just stay away from those junky green mylar caps that they sell at Radio Shack and local electronic parts house.) You might want to check the actual resistances on the resistors to see how far they have drifted, but don't replace them until you've had a chance to evaluate the sound first (the amp might sound better with the off-value resistors).  
Good luck!  
Steve Ahola