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Layout question

8/29/1999 3:09 PM
Pat FLayout question
Technically, this isn't about a guitar amp, but a small stereo tube amp I want to build. I gave up my garage stereo, an old Sansui G-3500 solid state receiver for the family cabin in exchange for a working, near mint Grommes GRT all tube stereo receiver. Not a collector's item, but cool non the less. The in-laws complained that it "takes too long to warm up". I gladly took this off their hands, along with several other tube type goodies. This left me with the need for a power amp. I wanted something simple, low powered and that I had most of the parts for already. I found this simple schematic at;  
This being my first venture into building a tube amp for stereo, I dug out some old copies of Glass Audio for some pointers. I found that most of the audiophile tube stuff is layed out in very symetrical patterns, for what I assume to be astetics. But I also found that some of these layouts break some of the cardinal rules I've come to believe for tube amp layout. Many of them have the OPTs right next to the PTs, even thought they appear to be mounted at right angles to each other. And there appears to be plenty of room for further seperation on some of these chassis. So I'm curious as to how they get away with this without picking up him in the OPTs? I'm sure some of you guitar amp folks are also into hi-end tube audio, so I'd appreciate any pointers you might have. I have all the parts on hand for the little SE EL84 powered amp in the schematic. It should meet my needs as it will be powering two small die cast type speakers.

Jim S. As long as the PT and OT lamination... -- 8/31/1999 5:15 PM