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Re: How 'bout a 5Y3 ?

8/29/1999 5:02 AM
M/JRe: How 'bout a 5Y3 ?
I installed the 5ar4 and rebiased to 26.5ma and the amp sounds great. Plate voltage is at 422 but drops to 380 when played. I tried biasing to 30ma and got the voltage down to 415 but I didn't like the sound. The tubes run hot at that bias but they dont seem to be overheating. They are NOS RCA's. I tried the 5v4 but I didn't like the sound. It was lacking richness that the 5ar4 had but the voltage dropped to 412 with the bias at 23 and would sag like the 5ar4 to 380v. It would do in a pinch but If I have the choice its the 5ar4. I didn't even try the 5y3 cause of what you guys said about the mushiness. If I start to go thru tubes I can always go back to the 5u4.  

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