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Re: Backpedaling now -- mixing metals?

8/27/1999 4:29 AM
Steve A.
Re: Backpedaling now -- mixing metals?
    Assuming that you are not using the chassis for grounding all of the components there should be very little current flowing through the dissimilar metals to accelerate any galvanic reaction. I'd say that it'd be 20 years before you notice any corrosion from the dissimilar metals.  
    BTW I've seen sheet metal brakes advertised as low as $60 (it's a very simple and portable design compared to what we use in a sheet metal shop). If you just want the metal bent in a basic u-channel shape (like a cheap Peavey Classic 30 chassis), you should just pay for the metal (plus any drop) along with maybe 1/4hr shop time to cut it and bend it. It is when you start adding in the sides that it gets a lot more expensive (and having the sides spot welded together).  
    Actually the u-shape would have 4 bends- the 2 main bends for the 3 sides and then 2 short bends for a 1.5" lip on top. They still should be able to fab it up for a minimum shop charge of 1/4 hr...  
Steve Ahola