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voltage drop?

8/25/1999 10:13 AM
voltage drop?
I was noticing that everytime someone asks a question about getting voltages down at the plates you guys talk about a zener diode on the B+. How come nothing is ever said about increasing the value of the resistor under the filter cap cover of a fender? Wouldn't this be just as easy, if not easier, than the zener trick? I really don't know but am going to change the 10k to a 15k to try to drop my voltage down from 438 to 415 in a SFDR. It will run at 415 with a 5u4 in it but with a 5ar4 its up at 438. So far I have done a lot of mods in the tone circuit and not messed much with the power supply end so this is new to me. I am also not an electrical wizard like most of my gurus in this page. Can someone tell me if I am on the right track to get the voltage down? TIA  

J Fletcher Well a zener will drop it's rated v... -- 8/25/1999 12:32 PM